Breaking: FS Review Comments – Disposed… in Trash

MANILA, Philippines – (Fresh from Ayala Avenue) An audit senior was found worried and disturbed while talking to the garbage collectors picking up trash from the trash bins along Ayala Avenue. Witnesses say that the rattled audit senior tried to scavenge from the trash bins and when the garbage collectors arrived, he tried to stop them and asked them to instead help him to find something – papers disposed by his staff.

Further inquiry to the audit senior disclosed that he is looking specifically for a lengthy financial statements (FS) he reviewed.  His staff allegedly disposed the financial statements when the audit senior left for dinner.  Asked why he is still retrieving the said financial statements disposed, the audit senior answered:

Dalawang araw ko po kasing nireview yun.  Sa 105 pages po kasi na pinareview sa akin, 100 pages po may comment.

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Best Accounting Pick-up Lines

Finding some ways to made your girl accountant fall in love with you more?  Here are some accounting pick-up lines! Oops! It works for guy accountants too…

English Pick-up Lines

B: I am your deferred asset.
G: Why? 😐
B: One day, you will realize your benefit on me. 😉 Read more of this post

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