A Story of A Guy Who Married A CPA

When I told my parents that I wanted a professional woman as my wife, they got me one… a Certified Public Accountant.  She uses LAST IN FIRST OUT method while taking out the refrigerated food. She thinks I am no good at figure work. Read more of this post

Hilter Works in Public Accounting

Have you ever imagine what if Hitler works in public accounting?  This video will definitely make you laugh a while and forget your problems.

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Best Accounting Pick-up Lines

Finding some ways to made your girl accountant fall in love with you more?  Here are some accounting pick-up lines! Oops! It works for guy accountants too…

English Pick-up Lines

B: I am your deferred asset.
G: Why? 😐
B: One day, you will realize your benefit on me. 😉 Read more of this post

My Cubicle Song

What are you usually doing in your office cubicle?!!!

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