Generally Accepted Accounting Gags (GAAGs) refers to the standard framework of guidelines for accounting jokes writing used in ‘funccounting’; generally known as funccounting standards. GAAGs includes the standards, conventions, and rules accountants follow in writing, editing, and posting (including commenting, for readers) accounting jokes that are acceptable to general public, including non-accountants.

Following are our basic assumptions and principles:

  • Conservatism or prudence – despite humorous and funny in nature, this blog does not dwell on lewd and vulgar contents.
  • Materiality – we want to have more readers to share our materials.  Even so, we do not own, share copyrighted materials owned by others without permission or sufficient attribution.
  • Periodicity concept – our posts might be out-of-date or out-of-trends, we don’t care.  Our main goal is to entertain our readers with our non-sense common sense.
  • Entity concept – our post in this blog are separate and distinct from who we are in real life.  We articulate laughter but we do great serious things at work.
  • Going concern – unless otherwise we run out of ideas, posts are assumed to continue and we’ll remain posting indefinitely.

Makes sense?  What do you think?

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