I know what you did last busy season!… (busy season crimes)

Busy season has long gone but, the memories of the crimes still linger.  Most of the crimes took place were stealing – some are qualified thief, some are unqualified thief (just like audit opinions!).

“If it’s not documented, it’s not done” – the ever-famous audit catchword every auditor should remember. And to officially close the busy season, let’s document the widespread crimes last busy season.

And like what the title said, We Know What You did Last Busy Season

You may be one of the following thieves:

1. Bond Papers Thief

Is there scarcity in bond paper supplies? We understand that you are rushing the financial statements of your accounts, but do you really need to hoard rims of bond papers?  And since it’s weekend and you are working overtime, you scavenge from your partner’s secretary’s moving cabinet to steal rims of bond paper.  What you don’t know is, when you got home and when you’re deeply asleep, someone’s stealing from your hoarded bond papers too.

2. Thief of Paper Clips and Notepads

We understand that you need to submit if for review.  But do you really have to steal your seatmate’s, your partner’s secretary’s or your scheduler’s post-it notes and paper clips?

3. Rest-takers

Oooppss..! It’s not that you are taking rest! It’s because the only rest time that your staff or your boss has was consciencelessly taken away from them.  Your staff is about to leave early 5:00 in the morning after the tons of work you left them, when you surprisingly arrive and ask them to standby for more.  Your boss is following up on your deliverables all day and is about to leave the office 12 midnight when you submit the financial statements and notifying him/her that the deadline is tomorrow morning.  You’re an amazing rest-taker!

4. Sleep Stealer

Almost every auditor is a sleep stealer.  You practically steal sleep whenever and wherever you could, in a bus, in a train, on your table, inside fast food, in the rest room and even on the road.

Sleep stealing is a crime committed by almost all auditors and it is one where you can get caught easily, either off-cam or on-cam.  During the time you are committing this crime, you barely know what you are doing.  You talk to yourself, open you mouth wide, you hug your bag, you submerge your face in your keyboard or any other wildest deeds.  And you don’t have an idea that everyone is watching at you, specially the stolen shoters.  And they fire on you.

5. Stolen Shoters

Also called, the busy season police.  They capture every heinous sleep stealer crimes. Oh well, stealing shots is one of the crime victims wish you didn’t do.  You are capturing their hottest, wildest reactions while snoring.  Or their salivating lips.  Or their widely-open mouth.  And most of all, capturing how they fit themselves in two lined chairs or on the staffs’ table.

The Documentation

As what we’ve said – we know what you did last busy season. We know the crimes you did and we have evidences to prove you guilty.  So next time, do the crime, but don’t get caught! 😀 

IMG_1971[1] IMG_1887[1] IMG_1967[1]

IMG_1955[1] IMG_1909[1]

IMG_1969[1] IMG_1657[1]

And there you go.  Guilty! But at the end of the day, you deserve a better sleep! 😀

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About leecpa
Orlando Calundan is a Certified Public Accountant. He has exposures in audit of financial statements of entities in various industries such as real estate, food (quick service restaurants), manufacturing, service organizations and BPOs, automotive, holding/investment companies and more. He also has exposure on internal audit engagements. http://calundan.co

4 Responses to I know what you did last busy season!… (busy season crimes)

  1. Glad I don’t work for a public accounting firm!

  2. buillione says:

    Where auditors turn into ninja pandas (walang tulog na puro eyebags at darklines around the eyes).

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