Best Accounting Pick-up Lines

Finding some ways to made your girl accountant fall in love with you more?  Here are some accounting pick-up lines! Oops! It works for guy accountants too…

English Pick-up Lines

B: I am your deferred asset.
G: Why? 😐
B: One day, you will realize your benefit on me. 😉

B: You wanna go back to my place and make some entries?

G: Why do accountants make such good lovers?
B: We’re good with figures.

B: Are you my revenue?
G: Why?
B: Because, I’m so loss without you! 😦

Tagalog Pick-up Lines

B: Bonds payable ka ba?
G: Bakit? 
B: Ang laki kasi ng interest ko sa’yo! 

B: Inventory ka ba?
G: Bakit? 
B: Because I count on you! 

B: Nag-a-appreciate ka ba?
G: Bakit?
B: Amoy lupa ka kasi! 😛

B: Accounting ka ba?
G: Bakit?
B: Sakit mo kasi sa ulo! 😛

B: Lessee ka ba?
G: Bakit?
B: Ako naman may ari sa puso ko, bakit ikaw ang laman nito? 😀

To update… 😉  Share us yours too!….

About leecpa
Orlando Calundan is a Certified Public Accountant. He has exposures in audit of financial statements of entities in various industries such as real estate, food (quick service restaurants), manufacturing, service organizations and BPOs, automotive, holding/investment companies and more. He also has exposure on internal audit engagements.

10 Responses to Best Accounting Pick-up Lines

  1. clarisse ligaya says:

    Sana LIABILITIES mo nlng ako, para OBLIGASYON mong ibalik yung pagmamahal ko..

  2. jennifer says:

    proud to be an accountancy student ! 🙂

  3. NICNIC says:

    fob shipping point ka b? kasi di ka pa nakakrating, alam kong akin ka na. HAHA

  4. Howard says:

    I’m a bookkeeping student, I would like a closer examination of your assets I want to see if they are all out front or a little in arears.

  5. Gothard P. Rumias says:

    Pwede bang mag-invest ako sau para magkaroon naman ako ng significant influence sa buhay mo. 🙂

  6. Gothard P. Rumias says:

    You are MATERIAL to me because you have RELEVANCE in my life…

  7. Alvin John C. Pintang says:

    Consignment k b?
    Kasi kahit nasa iba ka, pagmamay-ari padin kita!

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